Hoi An – Vietnam 2016

photos of Hoi An

Hoi An is a very pretty town, and it has a great beach too, making it rather popular with all kinds of tourists in contrast to my previous stop Phong Nah, which was largely adventurous backpackers. I spent my time in Hoi An hanging out with a Canadian girl Stacie and Breanne and Sarah (also Canadians, see my last post). Also met a dude named Charlie whose from pretty near… Read moreHoi An – Vietnam 2016

Cat Ba Island and Phong Nah (caves, caves, caves) – Vietnam 2016

Cat Ba After being dumped by a night bus in Hanoi at 3:30am and catching a small amount of sleep on a hostel sofa, I caught a bus to Cat Ba island. And when I say bus I mean 2 buses, a boat and then another bus to reach Cat Ba town. On the way I met Breanna and Sarah, from Canada, and the 3 of us went Rock Climbing… Read moreCat Ba Island and Phong Nah (caves, caves, caves) – Vietnam 2016

Sa Pa – Vietnam 2016


Me, Eugene, Marij and Marte set off for Sa Pa with the intention to trek, having heard stories from other travellers about pouring rain and a horrific amount of mud. We must have timed it perfectly because the weather for us was actually awesome!! Sure it’s a little colder than the rest of the places I’ve been so far in South East Asia but we had a great combination of… Read moreSa Pa – Vietnam 2016

Hanoi – Vietnam – Happy New Year 2016!

Hanoi was a city I was expecting not to like so much, but turned out to love! It has just the right amount of hecticness, so that there’s always something to do or observe but you can navigate your way pretty easy once you’ve figured it out. Getting the night bus from Hue I made a few friends, which was great as 4 of us ended up in the same… Read moreHanoi – Vietnam – Happy New Year 2016!

From Laos into Vietnam – border crossing and Hue

Leaving Laos for Vietnam So from Don Det I took a somewhat nightmare bus journey to Savannakhet. After struggling at snails pace for awhile the bus broke down, the journey overall took hours more than it should have, the drivers/bus people neglected to tell me and the 2 others making the same journey when we had to get off until after we’d been sitting somewhere for 10 mins (despite one… Read moreFrom Laos into Vietnam – border crossing and Hue

Don Det – 4000 Islands – Laos 2015

Si Phan Don, aka the Four Thousand Islands, is beautiful. Right on the border with Cambodia, it consists of a whole bunch of islands, outcrops, mini beaches and rocks in the Mekong. I stayed on Don Det, the most backpacker friendly of the islands. You arrived by boat from Nakasang at the tiny beach on the North of the island, where there is a mini town and from there you… Read moreDon Det – 4000 Islands – Laos 2015

Konglor and Champasak – Laos 2015

I met a German couple, Jana and Arnd, on the bus to Konglor, which was great as we then hung out for a few days. Also met a couple of cool Danish girls who I saw around a bit. Konglor is really nice, it’s a small village surrounded in rice fields with mountains on all sides, giving it a visually very impressive backdrop! It’s also nice because there’s so few… Read moreKonglor and Champasak – Laos 2015