Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem – Islands, beaches and the deep blue sea – Cambodia 2016

I’d heard a lot of positive things about the Cambodian islands, so I was happy to finally be visiting there! I met back up with Amanda and Dylan to head to Koh Rong first. After some hecticness with the speed boat (the morning boats had been cancelled 2 days in a row so everyone was trying to get the 3pm one) I managed to get on the same boat as… Read moreKoh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem – Islands, beaches and the deep blue sea – Cambodia 2016

Kep and Kampot – Cambodia 2016

After an all day bus journey from Battambang me, Amanda and Dylan arrived in Kampot. I only stayed there 1 night with them, in Kool Kampot, another new hostel that was really nice and good value. That night we walked along the waterfront to go to the centre (that’s downtown for North American readers 😉 ) for food. It was really nice and relaxed, way more peaceful than the other… Read moreKep and Kampot – Cambodia 2016

Battambang – Cambodia 2016

Arriving in Battambang our bus was met by the Tuk Tuk mafia, all vying for our custom. Me, Amanda and Dylan settled on one, paying just $1 to be taken to our hostel and arranging to be taken around the next day for $6 each. The rest of the day was just spent chilling at the hostel and eating in restaurants. The hostel was newly opened, it’s called BTB Cambodia… Read moreBattambang – Cambodia 2016

Siem Reap/Angkor – Temples, Ruins, Temples – Cambodia 2016

Temples of Angkor

Following the backpacker standard of using Siem Reap as a base, it was time for me, Dylan and Amanda to explore the ruins and temples of Angkor!! Alex from our hostel in Phnom Penh had set us up free pick up by tuk tuk from the bus, reason being of course they wanted to be our driver whilst we visited the temples, and we were happy with the arrangement, agreeing… Read moreSiem Reap/Angkor – Temples, Ruins, Temples – Cambodia 2016

Phnom Penh including S21 and The Killing Fields – Cambodia 2016

**Just a heads up that I go into some detail about Khmer Rouge atrocities in this post** Phnom Penh is a rather hectic city, and after Saigon I wasn’t particularly in the moods for the constant shouts of the Tuk Tuk mafia. It’s one of those places where I just felt a bit on edge whenever walking around the streets, I think it would be hard to relax there….unless your… Read morePhnom Penh including S21 and The Killing Fields – Cambodia 2016

Saigon and the Mekong Delta

Staying in the backpacker district of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) wasn’t the greatest of experiences, I don’t really like the area and you get hassled a lot, though my time in the city wasn’t all bad. Me, Dylan and Amanda had bussed it there and after some issue’s by motorbike Andrew joined us. There was only one day where we really did anything of note. Setting off at 8am… Read moreSaigon and the Mekong Delta

Da Lat and Mui Ne – Vietnam 2016

Da Lat First thing – if you visit Da Lat I highly recommend you stay at Cozy Nook hostel! It’s a really great family run place and it really made my stay in Da Lat special! The owners are very friendly and helpful and every night they do a sit down dinner (only $3) for everyone in the common area, which makes it a very pleasant social hostel! Plus the… Read moreDa Lat and Mui Ne – Vietnam 2016