This category covers travel diary entries from time spent backpacking in Thailand

Lopburi and Koh Kham – Daytrips from Bangkok – Thailand 2016

I headed back to Bangkok to see Yindee for a few days before my flight to Myanmar. We decided to take couple of day trips, so here’s a quick report on what we got up… View Post

Krabi Town – Thailand 2016

I spent a couple of nights in Krabi town after Tonsai. There isn’t a lot to do in the town, but I took a trip to see the Tiger Cave Temple, which is just outside… View Post

Tonsai and around (Railay/Krabi) – Thailand 2016

Tonsai is one of those backpacker havens where you can spend days on end just relaxing and living life at a slow pace, and that’s what I found myself doing for 8 nights! It’s essentially… View Post

Koh Phayam – Paradise – Thailand 2016

Koh Phayam is without doubt the most beautiful island I have visited so far on this trip. I was peaceful, with stunning beaches, beautiful water and a nice happy vibe. I met Yindee in Ranong… View Post

Doing not a lot on Koh Samui (and not a lot to do in Chumphon and Ranong) – Thailand 2016

Leaving Bangkok I didn’t really have much of a plan other than ‘go south’ so I decided to get the train to Chumphon (about a 9 hour ride) and go from there and figure it… View Post

Kanchanaburi – Thailand 2016

Arriving back from Sukhothai I spent another night in Bangkok, before heading to Kanchanaburi with Yindee. Me and her met up and went out to The Rock Bar in the Siam area, which was quite… View Post

Sukhothai – temples, temples, temples – Thailand 2016

After islands and the second time in Bangkok I was the mood for some hardcore sightseeing and headed north to Sukhothai, which took about 7 hours by bus. Sukhothai was the capital of the Sukhothai… View Post