7 things to see in Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is split in two by the Danube river – the historical ‘old town’ one side and the Soviet residential style ‘new town’ on the other. Unsurprisingly it’s the former which interests tourists who come for its historical buildings and statues. Oh and the beer – it’s a popular stag do destination! Bratislava is a great place to visit,  the old town is perfect for a… Read more7 things to see in Bratislava

10 things to do in Rome

things to do in Rome

All roads lead to Rome. Once the capital of the powerful empire in the world, Rome is home to some spectacular historical sites. Founded back in 9th century BCE, Rome has a long history. According to legend Romulus was the city’s founder and the inspiration for its name. It began to come to prominence under the rule of the Roman Kings. Then the Roman Republic (SPQR) saw a massive increase… Read more10 things to do in Rome

10 things to do in Athens

Athens is regarded as the birthplace of Western Democracy and the Greek capital is full of historic sites that fascinate travellers. Whether your stopping by on your way to the Greek islands or spending a bit longer there’s much to admire. Greek culture has left a lasting impression on the Western World. With so many things to do in Athens it makes a great starting place to learn about it…. Read more10 things to do in Athens

Kanchanaburi – Thailand 2016

View of a pool at Erawan Waterfalls, Thailand

Arriving back from Sukhothai I spent another night in Bangkok, before heading to Kanchanaburi with Yindee. Me and her met up and went out to The Rock Bar in the Siam area, which was quite but fun, there was a couple bands playing doing good covers of a lot of Grunge and Alt-Rock songs from the ’90s so I was very happy! I also stayed more centrally this time, at… Read moreKanchanaburi – Thailand 2016

Sukhothai – temples, temples, temples – Thailand 2016

Sunset in Sukhothai Historical Park

After islands and the second time in Bangkok I was the mood for some hardcore sightseeing and headed north to Sukhothai, which took about 7 hours by bus. Sukhothai was the capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom between 1238 and 1347. It is split in 2 now, New Sukhothai which is a modern Thai city and Old Sukhothai where the Sukhothai Historical Park is found, the site of the old capital,… Read moreSukhothai – temples, temples, temples – Thailand 2016

Siem Reap/Angkor – Temples, Ruins, Temples – Cambodia 2016

Temples of Angkor

Following the backpacker standard of using Siem Reap as a base, it was time for me, Dylan and Amanda to explore the ruins and temples of Angkor!! Alex from our hostel in Phnom Penh had set us up free pick up by tuk tuk from the bus, reason being of course they wanted to be our driver whilst we visited the temples, and we were happy with the arrangement, agreeing… Read moreSiem Reap/Angkor – Temples, Ruins, Temples – Cambodia 2016

Scotland March 2015

In March of this year me and my friends Vas and Ben headed to Scotland for a week’s road trip. Our friend Anand also accompanied us for the first couple of days. Somehow, despite living in the UK my whole life so far, I hadn’t visited Scotland yet so it was time rectify this. The rendezvous point was Ben’s as he lives in Nottingham, which is the furthest North out… Read moreScotland March 2015