Things to do in Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Laung

Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand, and is the big transport hub in the area which makes it easy to get to whether by bus, plane or train. It’s a city known for it’s culture and creativity, with plenty of temples to visit and cafes to relax in. At it’s centre is the historical walled city, which is surrounded by a moat, the rest of the city then spreading… Read moreThings to do in Chiang Mai

Vegetarian food in Thailand

Vegetarian food in Thailand is great, tastes amazing and is one of the many highlights of visiting the land of smiles. However Thailand’s obsession with adding fish sauce to *everything* combined with the language barrier can make it seem a bit daunting for any visiting vegetarian. Sure the food looks tasty and seems vegetarian, but how do you know it doesn’t have meat stock or other animal products in it?… Read moreVegetarian food in Thailand

Tonsai Street Art

Tonsai Street Art

Tonsai in southern Thailand is haven for backpackers, hippies and rock climbers. A few years ago the village was pushed back into the jungle and a wall built in advance of development that never came. That wall is now a canvas for many talented street artists who cover it in their work. This gallery features the Tonsai Street Art that was there when I visited in March 2016. Click on… Read moreTonsai Street Art