Pai – Thailand 2015


There is something about Pai that sucks you in and keeps you there. I came for 3 nights. I stayed for 6. It’s a backpacker’s haven, just so easy to exist here, very chilled out. I started in a hostel in the middle of town for 4 nights then moved’ across the river for 2 more, where up the hill a bit there is Darling Viewpoint Hostel which lives up… Read morePai – Thailand 2015

Thailand 2015 – Chiang Mai

I decided to catch a 2nd class day train for the 10 hour journey from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai. I know many do the night train but I’m glad with my choice as those I’ve spoken to who got the bought train were all worn out from it. It wasn’t too bad, music and book kept me entertained. All I did when I arrived was grab some food from the… Read moreThailand 2015 – Chiang Mai

Thailand 2015 – Bangkok and Ayutthaya

Buddha Head in Tree Roots, Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya Historical Park

My visit to South East Asia begins in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. I left the UK on 2nd November, landing in Thailand on the 3rd. First night I just went for a little wander and grabbed some food, nothing much to report other than the Khao San area is as crazy as it’s reputation! Backpackers and other tourists all over the place. Highlight has to be the 2 bars… Read moreThailand 2015 – Bangkok and Ayutthaya