The Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is the largest remaining part of the Berlin Wall and is host to paintings by many international artists. I visited in 2013 and these pictures are from the wall as it was then. The paintings were first done in 1990 and there has been some restoration work since. Wikipedia lists the artists names here should you be interested. Click on any of the below images to… Read moreThe Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery

Tonsai Street Art

Tonsai Street Art

Tonsai in southern Thailand is haven for backpackers, hippies and rock climbers. A few years ago the village was pushed back into the jungle and a wall built in advance of development that never came. That wall is now a canvas for many talented street artists who cover it in their work. This gallery features the Tonsai Street Art that was there when I visited in March 2016. Click on… Read moreTonsai Street Art

10 backpacking tips for beginners!


Heading off to explore the world for the first time? Unsure what to expect? Here’s 10 great backpacking tips for beginners! 1. Stay in Hostels Of all the backpacking tips this one is the most important as where you sleep and who you meet will have a big impact on your trip. They might have a bad reputation in ‘mainstream’ society but in reality hostels are great for backpackers, not only… Read more10 backpacking tips for beginners!

Visiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asia

respecting Buddhist beliefs

Here’s some simple advice for visiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs. It’s designed to help those planning to travel to Southeast Asia for the first time. I’ve put it together based on my personal experiences. Please feel free to comment if you’d like to add anything else about Buddhist beliefs! Some general advice first that applies to everywhere in Southeast Asia. Don’t point at anything or anybody with your feet… Read moreVisiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asia