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Hello and welcome to my Travel Blog!

So the basics. I’m Dave, from Bath in the UK, in my early 30’s.

Originally my travel blog began to document my travels, and you read my stories using the ‘Travel Diary‘ option on the menu. I’m now expanding it to included country and city guides, travel advice and inspiration. And also photos galleries, because photography is fun! Use the above menu to browse!

I am very interested in history. A lot of my travel is therefore history focused, though I also love natural beauty and learning about different cultures.

I value the ‘people’ side of travel just as much as the sights and sounds. The style of travelling I embrace the most is ‘backpacking’ though I do enjoy long weekends and short city breaks too. Generally I stay in hostels (usually dorms though a private room is always needed now and then!). I like to mingle with both locals and other travellers when I can.

So far my travels have mostly taken my throughout Europe and South East Asia, and I hope to explore many more places in future!

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All the photos I use on this travel blog are either ones i’ve taken myself or ones that people have taken of me!
The picture i’ve used as my header image for this blog was taken on the Isle Of Skye in Scotland in March 2015.
The picture i’ve used for this ‘About Me’ is of myself standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome. It was taken in September 2014.




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  1. Hi Dave. Thank you for following my blog! I appreciate that, 🙂 I see you’ve developed the travel bug. I say, go for it while you’re young – there’s a big world out there. I live between Newark and Lincoln, UK, and am only just finding the opportunity to travel now that I’ve retired from teaching (and our six children have all left home!) I’m a geologist and geographer, hence my own love of travel, and will look forward to reading your future posts! 🙂

  2. Hi Dave,

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