The intent of this blog is to act as a record of my travels through this glorious, wonderful planet, and to record any musings I have on the way. This intent may change, morph, evolve or what have you during this journey.

My travel current status is non-active (i.e i’m at home in Bath, England), i’ve plenty of plans and ideas buzzing around in my head, so I figured this was as a good a time as any to start this blog, get some record down of past travels and help formulate my thoughts for the future.

Travel means many different things, there are no set rules to partaking in and and enjoying it.  For me, it’s what gives me satisfaction. That old phrase, do what makes you happy, that applies to travel in particular. Whether it’s exploring a part of your own country you’ve never been to before, getting lost around Venice’s canals, climbing up all those hills in Athens or getting hammered in some back street bar in Barcelona, it’s all valued.

So for the meantime, I hope you enjoy the tales of previous adventures that I post up, and I look forward to having some new ones in the future!

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