Bangkok Round 2 – Thailand 2016

Arriving in Bangkok I stayed in the same hostel I first began this trip I am currently on, all the way back in November! I was even in the same dorm room! It was weird being back in Khaosan Immjai, I have done so much since I first set foot there, it’s been an incredible journey so far and long may it continue!

So being back in Bangkok and already having seen the ‘big sights’ (see my post back in November) first night I did the typical backpacker things – drinks on Khao San Road! I met up with a Thai girl named Yindee who i’d been talking to online, and was also with Maarten who i’d met on Koh Chang and traveled with in the bus, and we also met one of his old friends from The Netherlands who was with his girlfriend (Thai) and an English couple from Chester who’d been her host family in England many years ago. It was a good night, many Chang beers were had!

The next evening me and Yindee went to the Sanlam Luang park, which was hosting an opening ceremony for a culture festival. There was food stands, a stage with music and lots of people flying Kites! It was a nice relaxed atmosphere. The next evening we met a couple (guy Turkish living in Germany and girl from the Maldives) whom Yindee knew the guy from online and we went to the Hajime Robot Restaurant, where the main feature is that your food (either stuff you BBQ or Sushi) is brought to you by Robots who occasionally bust out dance moves…….
Afterwards we went for a couple drinks in the Khao San area, on Soi Rambuttri which is the street next to Khao San Road.

Next day me and Yindee went to the Chatuchak weekend market, which is a huge market with a lot of clothes in particular, and I picked up a couple t-shirts. Afterwards we went to chill out in near by Rot Fai park, which was mostly full of locals either relaxing or doing sports, plenty of joggers and cyclists and also spotted some Basketball and a game similar to Bowl’s.


In the evening we went to see Deadpool at the cinema in Siam Paragon! It’s a big complex with lots of shops and restaurants and a food court. Along with the MBK centre (basically next door) it’s a good spot to go for a sort of mini break from Backpacker life…..or just get away from the franticness of Khao San Road. It’s all very modern, Bangkok knows how to do a Mall!!!

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