From Laos into Vietnam – border crossing and Hue

Leaving Laos for Vietnam So from Don Det I took a somewhat nightmare bus journey to Savannakhet. After struggling at snails pace for awhile the bus broke down, the journey overall took hours more than it should have, the drivers/bus people neglected to tell me and the 2 others making the same journey when we had to get off until after we’d been sitting somewhere for 10 mins (despite one… Read moreFrom Laos into Vietnam – border crossing and Hue

Don Det – 4000 Islands – Laos 2015

Si Phan Don, aka the Four Thousand Islands, is beautiful. Right on the border with Cambodia, it consists of a whole bunch of islands, outcrops, mini beaches and rocks in the Mekong. I stayed on Don Det, the most backpacker friendly of the islands. You arrived by boat from Nakasang at the tiny beach on the North of the island, where there is a mini town and from there you… Read moreDon Det – 4000 Islands – Laos 2015

Konglor and Champasak – Laos 2015

I met a German couple, Jana and Arnd, on the bus to Konglor, which was great as we then hung out for a few days. Also met a couple of cool Danish girls who I saw around a bit. Konglor is really nice, it’s a small village surrounded in rice fields with mountains on all sides, giving it a visually very impressive backdrop! It’s also nice because there’s so few… Read moreKonglor and Champasak – Laos 2015

Vang Vieng and Vientiane – Laos 2015

Vang Vieng is known as somewhat of a party place for backpackers, and I now understand why! First off I was staying at Real Backpackers for 2 nights, which is a real party hostel, full of other English people. Honestly I saw more people from England than I did anywhere else in Thailand or Laos! Not that I mind seeing other English people of course it’s just we get a… Read moreVang Vieng and Vientiane – Laos 2015

Muang Ngoi and around – Laos 2015

Time to head north in Laos and go trekking! Of the Henry group, 7 of us went north, and we said farewell to John who headed for further adventures. First off a 4 hour very bumpy mini van ride to Nong Khiaw, where we grabbed some food then chartered a boat for the hour journey to Muang Ngoi where we stayed the night. The scenery in this part of Laos… Read moreMuang Ngoi and around – Laos 2015

Luang Prabang – Laos 2015

After arriving in Luang Prabang, the 6 of us (slowboat crew! see last blog entry) stayed at a hostel together, and as Henry had booked for the hostel started referring to all of us by the name Henry, and thus the Henry’s were born. Chris and Ülie who I’d met separately in Chiang Rai had also met each other travelling on the slow boat and were soon assimilated into the… Read moreLuang Prabang – Laos 2015

Slow Boat – Laos 2015

I spent the night in Chiang Khong before heading across the border to Houay Xai in Laos. I met a bunch of other people who are all awesome and we teamed up to catch the boat – Ally (USA), John (Sweden), Henry (England), Michelle (Germany) and Nadhisha (Switzerland). Immigration was easy but slow. You have to tuk tuk to the border, stamp out of Thailand, get a bus across the… Read moreSlow Boat – Laos 2015