Visiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asia

respecting Buddhist beliefs

Here’s some simple advice for visiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs. It’s designed to help those planning to travel to Southeast Asia for the first time. I’ve put it together based on my personal experiences. Please feel free to comment if you’d like to add anything else about Buddhist beliefs! Some general advice first that applies to everywhere in Southeast Asia. Don’t point at anything or anybody with your feet… Read moreVisiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asia

Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake – Myanmar 2016

The People Of Myanmar

The main reason for travellers to visit Kalaw is to do the trek from there to Inle lake. After arriving in Kalaw, 10 of us who had hired the bus to bring us here elected to trek together. 7 of us had already made plans for this in Bagan, and we were joined by 3 Austrians. The other 6 were 2 Norwegians (1 mum, 1 daughter), then all travelling separately… Read moreTrek from Kalaw to Inle Lake – Myanmar 2016

Bagan and Thingyan (water festival) – Myanmar 2016

Temples of Bagan

Arriving in Bagan I rendezvoused with friends i’d made in Yangons bus station who were staying at the same hostel as me and we headed there. It was called Ostello Bello and it’s a really cool place, a good base for meeting other travellers and exploring Bagan. Expensive but recommended. It’s in New Bagan, the other 2 ‘hubs’ are Old Bagan and Nyaung U. Bagan is a place of thousands… Read moreBagan and Thingyan (water festival) – Myanmar 2016

Yangon – Myanmar 2016

Downtown - Yangon Photo Gallery

I flew into Yangon to begin my Myanmar exploration, and it was a good place to start! The first night i’d arrived fairly late, so the next day I decided to pack a lot in. After managing to buy a bus ticket to move on (more on that at the end of this post) I headed to the Downtown area. My first port of call was the Sule Paya pagoda,… Read moreYangon – Myanmar 2016

Lopburi and Koh Kham – Daytrips from Bangkok – Thailand 2016

I headed back to Bangkok to see Yindee for a few days before my flight to Myanmar. We decided to take couple of day trips, so here’s a quick report on what we got up to! First trip we visited Lopburi. It’s a city of Temples and Monkeys! It’s about 3 hours ride from Bangkok by train. We actually ended up spending only 5 hours in the city, meaning we’d… Read moreLopburi and Koh Kham – Daytrips from Bangkok – Thailand 2016

Krabi Town – Thailand 2016

I spent a couple of nights in Krabi town after Tonsai. There isn’t a lot to do in the town, but I took a trip to see the Tiger Cave Temple, which is just outside of town. There is a sort of temple complex, including the Tiger Cave itself. The name apparently comes from Tiger footprints in the cave (or that Tigers used to live here….it wasn’t too clear). Anyhow… Read moreKrabi Town – Thailand 2016

Tonsai and around (Railay/Krabi) – Thailand 2016

Tonsai Street Art

Tonsai is one of those backpacker havens where you can spend days on end just relaxing and living life at a slow pace, and that’s what I found myself doing for 8 nights! It’s essentially a mixture of rock climbers, hippies and laid back travellers, a good place to either go climbing crazy or just chill, and I found myself doing the latter. I did actually have plans to do… Read moreTonsai and around (Railay/Krabi) – Thailand 2016

Sa Pa – Vietnam 2016


Me, Eugene, Marij and Marte set off for Sa Pa with the intention to trek, having heard stories from other travellers about pouring rain and a horrific amount of mud. We must have timed it perfectly because the weather for us was actually awesome!! Sure it’s a little colder than the rest of the places I’ve been so far in South East Asia but we had a great combination of… Read moreSa Pa – Vietnam 2016