Vegetarian Penang Guide – 5 places to eat in George Town

The outside of Ee Beng resturant - one of the highlights of this Vegetarian Penang

This Vegetarian Penang guide looks at places to eat in George Town, the main city on this Malaysian island! It also gives tips as to what else you can find and the kinds of vegetarian food to expect! Malaysia is a diverse country with large Malay, Indian and Chinese populations. As such the food has great diversity and you can find many influences throughout the different ethnic/religious groups. The Malay… Read moreVegetarian Penang Guide – 5 places to eat in George Town

Solo Travel Advice

Temples of Bagan - Solo Travel Pose!

Solo travel can be a very liberating experience and really help a person discover what they enjoy about living in this world. But solo travel can also cause some interesting reactions from people and often they fall on the negative side. This can be in the form of someone trying to detract you from doing it, being dismissive of you or even your own fears and anxieties putting you off…. Read moreSolo Travel Advice

Travelling as a Vegetarian In Southeast Asia

Vegetarian Restaurant food in Melaka

When you first investigate travelling as a Vegetarian In Southeast Asia the thought of finding food may seem a bit daunting. Sure, you hear all about all the meat and fish dishes available, but what about the vege ones?! But don’t worry, there is some amazing vegetarian food across the region! And many restaurants cater for vegetarians and vegans. You can find plenty of dedicated places both aimed at locals… Read moreTravelling as a Vegetarian In Southeast Asia

Vegetarian food in Thailand

Vegetarian food in Thailand is great! It tastes amazing and is one of the many highlights of visiting the land of smiles. However Thailand’s obsession with adding fish sauce to *everything* can make vegetarians life difficult. Combined with the language barrier can make it seem a bit daunting for any visiting vegetarian. Sure the food looks tasty and seems vegetarian, but how do you know it doesn’t have meat stock… Read moreVegetarian food in Thailand

10 backpacking tips for beginners!


Heading off to explore the world for the first time? Unsure what to expect? Here’s 10 great backpacking tips for beginners! 1. Stay in Hostels Of all the backpacking tips this one is the most important as where you sleep and who you meet will have a big impact on your trip. They might have a bad reputation in ‘mainstream’ society but in reality hostels are great for backpackers, not only… Read more10 backpacking tips for beginners!

Visiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asia

respecting Buddhist beliefs

Here’s some simple advice for visiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs. It’s designed to help those planning to travel to Southeast Asia for the first time. I’ve put it together based on my personal experiences. Please feel free to comment if you’d like to add anything else about Buddhist beliefs! Some general advice first that applies to everywhere in Southeast Asia. Don’t point at anything or anybody with your feet… Read moreVisiting Buddhist temples and respecting Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asia