Kep and Kampot – Cambodia 2016

After an all day bus journey from Battambang me, Amanda and Dylan arrived in Kampot.

I only stayed there 1 night with them, in Kool Kampot, another new hostel that was really nice and good value. That night we walked along the waterfront to go to the centre (that’s downtown for North American readers 😉 ) for food. It was really nice and relaxed, way more peaceful than the other places we’ve been in Cambodia so far!

They then stayed there and I headed off to Kep for 2 nights.
Kep is essentially a long road with all the guesthouses (which double as restaurants) spread along it. I stayed at Visal Sak, which was decent, though not a social place, just a crash pad and meal supplier.

I spent a day exploring the National Park and around. Inside the park is a cafe, named Led Zep. It’s owner has signposted the whole park, little yellow arrows that are very helpful! The park is mostly under shade, nice to be in the tree’s! On my way round I headed down into Gibbon Valley, where I chatted to the staff for a bit. They have a pretty great view of the valley there, with the sea in the distance, where you could see what they told me was Mango Island.


Just down from there is a butterfly farm, with some real beautiful butterflies!


After a few hours I checked out Kep beach, which just a small but nice stretch, and took a look at the giant crab statue out to sea.

I ended the day by checking out the sunset just across the road from by guesthouse (had to go down a little path to the sea) and it was really spectacular! As it was fading a few locals went out to fish/crab with their plastic bags.


Heading back to Kampot I went to Pepper Guesthouse for 2 nights to meet Rob who i’d met in Siem Reap. The place was pretty noisy in the wind at night, but it was very chilled out and only $3 for a dorm bed!

We went on a boat trip the first evening which ok, good to socialise and the scenery was nice, ending by seeing a spot full of Firefly’s. After that we and another guy went to Divino, an Italian run restaurant, where we got amazing pizzas, the biggest and best i’ve had in 3 months so far in South East Asia! We caught some football in a bar as well.

Second day me and Rob hired a scooter (he drove, I was on the back) and we headed to explore Bokor National Park.

It’s a really nice drive up to the top of the park, the jungle scenery is green and lush, and you get some cool views on the way. There is a big Buddha statue and an old ruined building that I believe used to be a holiday home for king a fair few decades ago.

At the top you go past a newly built casino/hotel complex (why?!) and come to an old derelict Catholic church.


Up behind the church you can get a great view of the national park jungle.

Carrying on down the road and you find the ‘main attraction, the old ruined Bokor Hotel/Casino.


We took some time to explore the ruins……and have our pictures taken with Cambodian kids on a school tour. It’s pretty cool, take away all the tour groups and it would be quite creepy!

On the way back down we saw a family of monkeys crossing the road in front of us. I don’t know which breed but the were different from the ones i’ve seen elsewhere in Cambodia, obviously much more wild too!

Last night in Kampot I decided to just chill at the hostel, but first I went back to Divino for some fantastic Vegetation pasta!

Anyhow, time to head to the islands!

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