People Of Myanmar - a Karenni Tribe gathering

People Of Myanmar

People Of Myanmar – A Photo Essay

The people of Myanmar are a diverse collection of different ethnic groups. Check out this wikipedia page to get an idea of the ethnic groupings in the country. They are very friendly people and when I visited in 2016 I was blown away by how welcoming they were. So many people in the country wanted to engage with visitors like myself!

The country has only recently opened itself up to tourists and is still developing the infrastructure to accommodate them. This makes exploring the nation a very different experience to that of other Southeast Asian countries.

These collection of photos of the people of Myanmar were all taken by me.  The exception of the photographs I am in of course! These were usually taken by family/friends of those posing with me. My motivation for this post is to record how diverse the people here are and to encourage you to visit them and interact with them

Please note I had permission from all of these people to take their photograph. Many people I met actually asked for for my photograph first! Naturally I then asked for one in return.  Just to clarify I was given permission to photograph the children by either their parents of village elders.

If you are curious what some of them have on their faces it is Thanaka! It is a sunscreen paste made of wood bark.

The People of Myanmar

If this post has got you interested in visiting the country then please check out my guide to Myanmar.

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