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Photo Highlights – Temples of Angkor

Temples of Angkor Photo Highlights

Any trip to Cambodia is not complete without a visit to the amazing site of the Temples of Angkor. Once the capital of the Khmer empire it’s now a vast archaeological zone. The most famous site here is of course Angkor Wat. Other well known sites are Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom which includes the Bayon Temple, but they are only 3  of many to see.

I wrote a diary entry about my visit to the site and you can read it here. It includes a list of the temples I visited there.

These are some of the photos I took at this amazing site (click one to open the gallery).

Exploring the Temples of Angkor

If your interested in visiting Cambodia then be sure to check out my guide to the country: Cambodia 

As for exploring Angkor itself, me and my 2 friends hired a tuk tuk to take us around all the sites for 3 days. We stayed at a hostel in Siem Reap (not one i’d recommend) and each day our tuk tuk driver would pick us up at an agreed time. This is a great way to see the temples as they are quite some distance from each other.  Particularly from the photographs above Banteay Srei and Preah Ko are 2 temples that are far out from the main Angkor Wat site. The former is about 32km northeast of Siem Reap. The latter is 13km to the east of Siem Reap and is part of the ‘Roluos group’. Bakong is in that vicinity as well.

We arranged a price of $24 each for the 3 of us with the tuk-tuk driver. We gave them a tip when we said farewell as we were really happy with their service. As for entry to Angkor the price has now greatly increased for visitors. 3 days is now $62 as of 2017.

Posing with our Tuk Tuk Driver! after exploring the Temples Of Angkoe
Posing with our Tuk Tuk Driver!

I loved exploring the Temples Of Angkor and consider it a highlight of my trip to South East Asia!

I hope that you get the opportunity to visit yourself. Remember that the Temples Of Angkor are a Buddhist site, so be sure to follow my advice on Buddhism!

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