It’s been a little while since my last update, which finished the tales I wanted to tell of past travels.  Therefore it’s time for an update of my future plans.

So the big news is that i’m heading to South East Asia at the start of November for some long term solo travel!

I have a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand and i’m hoping to work my way round, down and through South East Asia and then (if the cash lasts and it’s all going well!) to Australia and New Zealand!

It’s something i’ve wanted to do for a long while and the time is right so i’m really looking forward to setting of!

I hope to use this blog as a travel diary to keep track of my adventures, hopefully I should be able to post plenty from the road.

The longest i’ve traveled for in the past has been a month so i’m excited about being able to spend much longer and have no set return date, giving me freedom to make and change plans as I please.

2 and a half months to get through first then time to explore, so I may be a be quite on the posting front though i’ll still be on here as I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and it helps with research!


  • Ang Kayte

    Hi dave! Great to hear you’re planning on visiting nz! If you need any tips or hidden gems just ask. It’s my home after all haha.
    Can’t wait to read your Asia updates 🙂

  • Daphne

    Hey Dave! Best of luck on your upcoming travels though SE Asia! How exciting! I just arrived in Bangkok today with my husband and look forward to exploring this crazy city. Post more on your plans!!

  • milliethom

    This sounds like a marathon venture, Dave! I missed this post in August – probably because we’ve been away ourselves so much – and now it’s almost time for you to head off. November’s only a few weeks away. I’ll look forward to reading all your diary entries and hope you have a great flight out to Bangkok. 🙂

      • milliethom

        I hope you have a whale of a time and manage to find the jobs you need to keep you going. If you can turn your hand to most jobs you should be OK. We’ve only been to various places in Britain over the summer. We went to Andalucia in May, and Malta in early September. But I’ve still managed to accumulate photos and info for lots of posts.
        The places you’re off to look really exotic, so I’ll enjoy reading about those! I’ve never been to the far east. Go and enjoy!

          • milliethom

            Ooh, sounds like you’re planning to earn a lot, so I’m guessing you know how to get good jobs out there. 🙂 Yes, I’ve done four posts on Malta now and still have three – or perhaps four – to do. We visited a lot of sites! There’s a lot of historical stuff out there, from the very earliest time to WW2. It’s an interesting place to visit. 🙂

          • Dave Does The Travel Thing

            I’ve been saving for a long time so no need for me to work for awhile 🙂 SE Asia is very cheap, i’m going to eat a lot of street food and stay in hostels so my expenses shall be minimal. Ah cool I shall have a look at your other posts!

          • milliethom

            That’s a great way to really see a place while you’re young. Hostels are ideal, and no one needs hotel ‘cuisine’ all the time. A holiday on a budget really rewarding, in many ways. And working amongst local people, you’ll learn a lot about those places. We had a month in Australia in 2004 -on the Gold Coast. We travelled about a bit – went out to the Barrier Reef where I did some snorkelling. Great holiday! 😀

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