See a 17th century ship in the Vasa Museum!

Join the Stockholm ghost walk

Admire artwork in underground stations

There's loads of different stations to see!

Learn about the Swedish way of life through the ages at the Skansen Open Air Museum

Find out about the orgin of 'Stockholm syndrome' on a  walking tour. This is the infamous bank! 

Explore the pretty streets of Stockholm's old town - it's called 'Gamla Stan'

Enjoy great views

This mural is on Södermalm island. Central Stockholm consists of 14 islands!

You can find many historic buildings to admire in Stockholm, especially in Gamla Stan 

This statue of Birger Jarl is found in a square named after him. He was the founder of Stockholm. Its also in Gamla Stan. 

The Nordic Museum is another worth visting in Stockholm. Along with the Vasa musuem and Skansen musuem it located on Djurgården, also known as 'museum island'.