Downtown - Yangon Photo Gallery

Yangon Photo Gallery

Yangon Photo Gallery

This Yangon Photo Gallery features photos taken when I visited the Burmese city in April 2016.

The city was capital of Myanmar up until 2006. It’s former British Colonial name is ‘Rangoon’  There are loads of old colonial buildings here which make it a really interesting city to explore. It has over 7 million inhabitants and contains some really important Buddhist sites. Principal amongst these is the huge Shwedagon Pagoda, which is the most sacred Buddhist site in Myanmar.

My general approach to taking these photographs was to simply wander around and snap anything that caught my interest. The Downtown area is excellent for this as it has a high concentration of old buildings. The great thing about the city is how full of life the streets are. You can see loads of street side stalls and people going about their everyday life. There are loads of taxi’s too so it’s easy to get around for cheap. Therefore you don’t need to stay right in downtown to be able to get to everything!

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If your interested in visiting the city you can look at my guide things to do in Yangon.  And if you want to know more about the country you can see my country guide to Myanmar. Furthermore if you are currently planning a visit to Myanmar be sure to investigate the e-visa information.

While this photo gallery is focused on buildings and temples one of the fun things in the city all the different people who want to say hello. If your interested in people then check out my People of Myanmar photo essay.

If your curious as to where the picture of food is from I ate Aung Thukha Myanmar restaurant. It’s one of 2 I’d recommend, the other is called Feel Myanmar Food.

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